Been awhile …

So, life happened.

Where, in February, I was living in a small house in town, working at a newspaper, and just starting to promote my book, now we’re in August and we’re a world away from that.

My husband and cats I moved the same week I started a new job as lead copywriter at a marketing firm down the street from the newspaper’s office. That was … a lot.

To promote “Times Knew Roamin’,” I held events, did interviews (and interviews ), even talked a local market owner into carrying my book at her shop, and just when I was getting my breath back, I agreed to teach an intro to composition course at the university where I earned my master’s degree.

Classes start tomorrow.


I’ve taught before. I taught this very course as a grad student 5 years ago, but that was an in-person course, when I didn’t have a full-time job and a new house and a (pretty dang short but still) commute in the mix.

Still, I love a challenge, and it’s been my experience that the more I have to do, the more I accomplish. I wrote my book on evenings and weekends between exhausted naps, while I was writing five beats and editing a weekend section at a daily newspaper, after all.

And now that we’re a bit more settled in the house and I’m getting into the rhythm of my job, I’m feeling more coherent in general.

Let’s hope that’s evident externally too.