Times Knew Roamin’

Times New Roamin' by Marybeth Niederkorn


Times Knew Roamin’ by Marybeth Niederkorn is now available for purchase.

Times Knew Roamin’ is a collection of poetry loosely inspired by a year Marybeth spent driving to and from a distant job tutoring college students in writing in 2016. At turns humorous and poignant, it was published by Spartan Press in Kansas City, Missouri, and is for sale on Amazon and from Marybeth directly.

This is not your grandmother’s poetry book.

Times Knew Roamin’ will take you on a journey down the narrow, winding Highway 32W and along the way you’ll visit Bugs Bunny in drag, the unpublished Rene Descartes musical, and students who just can’t get their fonts right. You’ll also experience the weight of broken lives being rebuilt, finding strength where there wasn’t any before, and the joy of watching someone succeed.

Times Knew Roamin’ is a poetry collection made for someone who just likes to read, no poetry background necessary.